Tablet and Pellet Mini Coater Drier

  • From a single tablet up to about 150 tablets
  • From a few grams to about 60 grams of small pellets
  • From a single capsule to a “small handful”
  • You can reduce the amounts of ingredients used whilst still producing meaningful results



Is the MCD-2 for you?

If your work involves coating particles from 0.5mm to about 10mm in diameter and you need to work with small batches…

If you want ease of operation…

If you need GLP compatibility…

Then the MCD-2 may be what you need!

You can achieve excellent uniformity within and between batches whilst reducing your product cost and overcome limited product availability.

Ease of use together with the possibility to coat very small batches makes the MCD-2 particularly attractive both for university teaching and research laboratories.

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