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MX 5-Way Weight Grader

A  five-way precision weight grading system to weigh, grade, and sort every small part up to 8 grams to improve in-process sampling and quality control. Discrepancies in weight can be used to detect incomplete, substandard, or damaged products, and can also be used to indirectly calculate other design critical parameters.

  • Our unique ability to detect very small variations in weight at high speed is a highly efficient and cost-effective way of performing quality control

  • Far more economical and greater value for money when compared to more conventional alternatives

  • Key metrics can be derived from weight measurements such as material absorption, saturation, contamination, coating thickness, energy/protein content, over/under-filling, missing parts, malformed or damaged moldings, and many more

  • VNC Viewer compatible allowing remote access on any PC linked to the same network as the MX

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