AC Compacting has several unique opportunities available for (refurbished) production ready machines along with their critical spare parts.



Designed for continuous production applications utilizing a dual drum system. The drums are auto sequenced to for continuous loading , spheronizing and discharging of the product.

Optional accessories include full PLC control, automated batch weighing/loading, drum heating/cooling, and inverter drive for fully automatic speed control. Specifications allow the Spheronizer 700 and 700T to run continually for 24 hours per day. A pneumatic hoist is built into the units to enable easy lifting of the spheronizing discs for cleaning and maintenance.

Typical batch weight can vary from 5kg to 25kg per spheronizer drum. Productivity per hour will vary depending on the required process time which, in turn, will depend on the characteristics of the material and the required quality of the spheroids that are produced.

The application shown above has full automation capabilities, utilizing 21 CFR Part 11 compliant software and GAMP4 documentation. It integrates a conveyor infeed to a Caleva Extruder 100, calibrated batch collection hoppers and an automated Caleva Spheronizer 700 Twin.


  • Designed for the production of 1- dimensional beads / solid speroids.
  • All contact parts are 316 stainless steel or Perspex
  • Control enclosure  is 304 Stainless Steel.
  • Two auto sequenced drum system to continuously load, spheronize and discharge the product.
  • Special features to meet individual requirements.
  • Can be supplied with integrated Caleva extruders or extruders produced by others
  • A full automation package is available for bringing the batch process close to a continuous process, integrating extruder infeed and speed, batching of the extrudate, and automation of spheronizer cycles
  • It integrates a conveyor infeed to a Caleva radial screen – type Extruder
  • Has calibrated batch collection hoppers and an automated Caleva Spheronizer 700 Twin
  • Production can be greater than 600kg per hour, depending on product


There are a number of options available to suit the requirements of your application. Please discuss your project with us so we can determine which options are suitable for you.

The options available are:

  • Heating/Cooling jacket on drum.
  • Alternative discs.
  • PTFE/FEP anti stick coating (FDA approved materials) for discs, drums.
  • Explosion-Proof design.
  • Manual loading hoppers and loading hoppers with PLC control.
  • Proximity detector to prevent operation if no collection bin in place.
  • Full Allen Bradley or Siemens PLC based based control and monitoring system, 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.
  • Custom integration with your plant’s MES/MRP system.
  • Automatic WIP cleaning system.
  • SCADA  package.


Loading: Manual
Overall Dimensions: 1,340 mm W x 800 mm D x 1,350 mm H
Weight: 1,000 kg
Cabinet: Grained 304 SS
Contact Parts: 316 SS, food-grade plastic, and Acrylic
Controls: Front Mounted including: Electronic speed control by means of ten (10) turn potentiometer with LED digital RPM display, Power/Motor ON indicator lights, START/STOP push button, and emergency E-STOP push button.
Manual and Automatic Operation: Electronic timer and pushbutton controls for spheronization time and product discharge. Automatic mode permits the operator-defined process times. Auto/Manual selector for timer control when required.
Extrudate Load: 35-8 kg per batch
Cycle Time: Approx. 4 min./batch
Processing Capacity: 75-300 kg/hour, depending upon the properties of the product and cycle time.
Disc Speed: 300-800 RPM
Motor: 7.5 Kw
Utilities: Electric: 230-460V 3PH; 5-6 Bar compressed air
Documentation: Installation/Operation Manual
Specifications may be subject to change without notice.

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