Rotary Tablet Press

PTK Tablet Presses have been successfully installed, serviced and supported for over a decade helping many clients run challenging products in the pharma, nutra and chemical industries. PTK Tablet Presses have a range of single, Bi and Tri layer tablet presses featuring fully automatic weight regulation to single tablet rejection that can improve your productivity.



AC Compacting is in continuous operation since our founding in 1954. AC Compacting is a full service stocking distributor serving the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico with solid dosage and advanced powder conversion technologies used in the pharmaceutical, agro-sciences, energy, chemical and specialty materials industries.

Our 24,000 square foot service center is conveniently located in central New Jersey industrial corridor and houses our testing & demonstration lab, spare parts warehouse and workshop with mechanical, electronic, integration and prototyping capabilities. Our experienced staff of engineers, technicians, formulators and customer support specialists are available to help you with your processing, testing, and quality control challenges.

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