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Tablet Presses

Pharm Tech Korea (PTK) is an innovative manufacturer of world-class equipment for the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. PTK’s line of rotary tablet presses ranges from a small bench top unit for R&D work to high capacity double-sided models that can be supplied to press one, two and three layer tablets. PTK presses are designed to today’s stringent cGMP guidelines and are suitable for unmanned production environments. PTK rotary tablet presses feature state-of-the-art technology designed around robust frames with symmetrical, ergonomic layouts to facilitate cleaning and maintenance. Heavy-duty pre- and main- compression rollers are positioned by servomotors for accurate tablet weight control. Internal covers, which can be easily removed without tools, protect rollers and cam tracks from dust. Most PTK press models incorporate a removable turret with a built-in turret change system allowing for quick tooling (D and BB tooling) and turret changeover. PTK’s patented Zero-Clearance feeders utilize springs to press the powder feeder onto the die table, which increases the product yield and reduces dust. The feeder assemblies can be easily dismanteled without special tools. PTK presses utilize PharmTech Weight Regulation (PWR) technology to effectively monitor and regulate tablet weights within a specified range. PTK’s PS-Con HMI software is a user friendly interface that records and controls press process parameters.


The software complies with 21 CFR Part 11 guidelines with multiple password protected user levels and also allows for the establishment and recall of recipe files. The PS-Con HMI uses a touch screen with a separate dust resistant stainless steel control cabinet and printer. A wide range of options is available, including tablet dedusters, a dust collection system, forced powder feeding and powder loading systems.

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