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What are precision weight sorters?

Precision weight sorters are highly accurate devices that can rapidly check large quantities of product, separating out items that are within acceptable limits from those that are under or over-weight. These devices weigh each tablet or capsule individually and can sort an entire batch unattended while keeping detailed records of every weighing.

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Weigh anything and everything

SADE SP weight sorters and checkweighers can handle anything that you need them to: from the smallest to the largest and everything in-between, including tablets, capsules, soft gels, implants and other formats. They are robust and tolerant of dusty, misshapen and damaged product.

What are the applications for weight sorting?

In research and development, product for clinical trials is 100% weight checked for compliance. Traditionally this is slow, laborious and error-prone; it ties-up skilled technicians who could be doing more valuable work. In contrast, with a weight sorter every item is checked automatically in a rapid, reliable and unattended process.

In healthcare manufacturing, all organisations still experience some batches which are rejected due to weight issues or damaged product. These represent a large cost, in terms of wasted ingredients, production time and disposal. Using a precision weight sorter, an entire batch can be checked so that all the defective items are separated out and typically over 90% good product recovered.

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XCEL DC100: World's First Precision Weight Sorter for Implant Dosage Forms

CI Precision's XCEL DC100 is the only standard, automated weight sorter in the world designed specifically for high-precision weighing of implant dosage forms at various throughputs from R&D scale through to full production levels.

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Urgent requirement?

AC Compacting Equipment maintains a comprehensive stock of SADE Weight Sorters. If you have an immediate need we can act quickly and will go to great lengths to get it to you without delay.  To get your weight sorter up and running as soon as possible, we can provide all the resources you need to commission it.


Benchtop Weight Sorter


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Implant Weight Sorter



1 Channel Weight Sorter



2 Channel Weight Sorter


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4 Channel Weight Sorter


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