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Extrusion and Spheronization System 150kg per hour

Twin Screw Variable Density Extruder

This surprisingly compact and efficient extruder has produced up to 200 kg of extrudate per hour using axial extrusion.  A range of different die patterns (hole diameter and depth) and shapes (such as clover-leaf and trilobed holes - suitable for industrial materials in the petrochemical and catalyst industries) are available.  Test your product with us and learn why the Caleva Variable Density Production Extruder is your most flexible option.

Spheronizer 700

​Caleva spheronizers have been the industrial production standard for 50 years.  Our Spheronizer 700 is the safest and most advanced currently available.  You can have confidence based on Caleva's experience and focus on the provision of large-scale spheronizers that are in used in production by both large manufacturers and smaller contract manufacturers around the world.

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