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coat and dry few gram tablets pellets on bench top ideal for teaching pharmacy courses

Mini Coater Drier 2


- From a single tablet to about 150

- From a few grams to about 60 grams of small pellets

- From a single capsule to a "small handful"

- You can reduce the amounts of ingredients used whilst still producing meaningful results 

Want More Information?

You can achieve excellent uniformity within and between batches whilst reducing your product cost and overcome limited product availability

Tablet coating
  • Batch sizes from 1 to 150 tablets

  • Use everything you make - no wastage

  • All batch sizes will give you representative samples

Pellet coating and drying
  • Coat from a few grams up to about 60g of pellets

  • Compatible with the integrated Caleva Multi Lab pellet making system

  • You can use the MCD-2 for demonstrations and group work

Project work
  • You directly control all important parameters - see your results quickly

  • Batch sizes appropriate for your further project work (eg. dissolution testing)

  • Part of the Caleva Multi Lab integrated pellet development system

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