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Nexa Suite

Data Communications Solutions

Enhancing our SP 60 Series weight sorters


The Nexa Suite of data communication enhancements for SP 60 Series weight sorters adds the ability to export 100% of the individual weight readings together with all GMP batch data.

For those seeking to move from printed to digital records to fulfil 21 CFR Part 11 data retention requirements, or others who may analyse the data for quality assurance and production efficiency process improvement opportunities, this would be the perfect suite of tools.

Nexa Suite is comprised of three options, where you can select one or more depending on your specific needs:


Unencrypted data export of individual weights in CSV format.


Encrypted data export of user selectable data, GMP batch data, and more via OPC/UA protocols.


Simulates the OPC server output created by Nexa Connect for pre-delivery system integration and testing.


All individual weight data is available to output in CSV format on batch completion for analysis. The results will be output to a nominated network location or USB stick (admin configurable) and includes all associated metadata. Ideal for those applications where encryption is not needed, but having 100% of the individual weight data would complement:

  • Quality assurance analysis

  • Product development 

  • Operational efficiencies and process control improvements

  • Contract fulfilment

  • reporting


Meta Data

• reading: The reading

number: (xxxxx)

• channel: The channel

number: (1,2,3, or 4)

• verdict: Accept/Reject/

Misfeed, i.e. (A/R/M)

• sub-batch: The sub-batch

number: (xx)

• retained: Sub-batch

retained (Y/N)

• value: the reading

value (xxx.x)

• date: Reading date/time:

in ISO 8601 UTC


Providing OPC/UA (open platform communication) protocols for connection to SCADA systems and other data historians, together with fully encrypted data communications. Ideal for those who require exported data and reporting within heavily regulated production and research environments.


Designed for 21CFR Part 11 compliance for digital data retention, and centrally monitored production facilities, where batch data can be captured and viewed immediately on completion of every batch within the OPC/UA client. The data can then either be analysed by the existing data historian, or exported for further analysis as desired.


  • OPC/UA and SCADA connectivity

  • Reporting and export of batch data on completion of a batch, including:

- Batch details

- Product details

- Users (relevant to batch and if configured)

- Batch results (count and statistics)

- Sub-batch totals

- Individual weights readings

- Batch calibration records

- Batch GMP audit trail

  • Data overwrite protection

  • Connected via your network through a secure

  • and encrypted data transfer when enabled

  • Disaster recovery built-in eg power failure, connection

  • failure, etc.

  • Available as factory fitted or as a user implemented upgrade

  • Validation documents pack available separately if required

  • Nexa Connect Simulator available: An OPC interface

  • simulator for pre-installation system integration testing

  • and set-up


Provided together with Nexa Connect, this simulates the OPC output using a fixed dataset to enable systems integration and testing ahead of the delivery of the hardware. This provides operational peace of mind, allows administrators to prepare their OPC clients ahead of time, and shortens the installation and validation process significantly.

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