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PR-LM Laboratory Tablet Press

The PTK PR-LM tablet press is specially developed for Research & Development, Pilot Scale, or Small Scale production batches. Available in various industry-standard tooling formats utilizing just 1 punch or all 12 punches.  The PR-LM can be fitted with both gravity or rotary feeders depending on powder types and batch sizing.

Key Features

  • Mixed turret formats available - Run Multiple formats - D, B, BB, BBS, Mixed B & D dies (EU / TSM)

  • Precompression

  • Gravity and rotary feeders

  • Automatic weight regulation available

  • GMP, CE, CFR Part 11 compliant software

  • Tablets up to 25.00mm diameter

  • Manual Lubrication

  • Easy to access and clean

  • Mobile design

pr-lm-laboratory-tablet-press-16 (1).jpg
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