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SD-Basic Spray Dryer

  • Efficient, CAL controlled spray drying of temperature sensitive products for aqueous based solutions.

  • Quick assembly and ease of use by a single operator.

  • Designed specifically for research and pre-production trials.

  • A range of customizable spares and accessories.

  • Basic, simple and straightforward to use.

A simple and effective laboratory scale spray dryer for product research and development.

Our SD-Basic has the smallest foot print of any comparable spray dryer on the market, is the easiest of any spray dryer to setup and use by a single operator. With over 25 years of continual development, Labplant spray dryers are world renowned for their quality and reliability.


The chemically resistant powder coated cabinet is designed with the operator in mind. All control switches & dials, liquid feed pump is all on one face, allowing the operator a full visual spectrum of the complete drying process. The clamps have been specially designed to allow a single operator the ability to quickly assemble or remove the glassware. An integral air filter on the rear of the cabinet ensures that the drying air does not include contaminants.

Atomiser construction is of 316 stainless steel allowing for a range of aqueous solutions / suspensions to be spray dried.

Control and Functionality

Operators can easily control the speed of the liquid feed pump by the well positioned control dial which is accessible above the glassware, allowing the operator a clear view of the drying process. Inlet temperature for drying is controlled by an easy to use CAL controller. The system has two over temperature devices included as standard to protect the device and operator.

An external compressed air supply** is required for the operation of unit. We do have an optional compressor that can be purchased for this process or alternatively it can be connected to a clean laboratory air supply. **minimum compressor / air requirements: 27l/min @0.5 to 3.0 bar regulated and clean air.

SD-Basic Product Brochure Download

SD-Basic Brochure-1.png
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