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Variable Density Extruder

The Caleva Variable Density Kit will allow you to develop pellets with different densities, thus widenening your chance of achieving a successful formulation. The kit is made up of the Caleva Variable Density Extruder and the Multi Bowl Benchtop Spheronizer with a 250 mm diameter bowl.

Caleva Model VDE Benchtop Variable Density Extruder is designed to give you the ability to produce experimental formulation applications with different densities. It is a novel extruder design and utilises a variety of screen thicknesses in the axial configuration from 1mm to 12mm. The extruder holes for any diameter extrudate can be between 1 and 12 mm in length.

Extrudate Density: The density of the extrudate of any given diameter varies as a function of the extruder screen hole length thus the name of the Variable Density Extruder. So by changing a screen hole depth you can increase the density of the extrudate. This can offer several advantages depending on the end use of the product.

Extrudate Quality: The extrudate quality improves dramatically as the density increases, exhibiting smoother surfaces with less breaks and voids. If this extrudate is used for spheronization then this can lead to spheres that are very consistent in both their “roundness” and size distribution which usually results in higher usable yields.

Caleva offer equipment and development support for full-scale production as well as bench-top equipment for formulation development and trial work.  All of our laboratory equipment is designed to facilitate fast, and trouble free, scale-up to production.

  • Include pellets of variable density in your development program

  • Multiple die hole diameter and depth for variable density

  • Increase your chance of development success by widening your options

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